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Ride Engine Prime

Ride Engine Prime

Ride Engine Prime


The Prime Shell series features a TPU laminated composite shell that is slightly more flexible shell than the carbon Elite Series. It still has all the stiffness, support and load-spreading benefits, but with a bit more give for riders who like a softer feel or don’t care about premium carbon construction.

Please note, this harness includes the Fixed Hook Spreader Bar



The Prime Sunset is a harness you’ll forget you’re wearing. It locks into your lumbar, stays low where it’s supposed to and spreads load evenly across your back for a fit and feel that will change your entire experience on the water.


  • New Prime Shell construction is slightly softer than the Elite Series, but just as durable
  • Lumbar Lock conforms to your lower back and prevent the harness from twisting from side to side.
  • Low profile fit improves mobility and keeps harness down low where it’s supposed to be
  • Dual-zone closure system allows for top and bottom tightening, a more precise fit and adjusting while you ride
  • Improved composite shell is more durable
  • Cushy Fusion Foam padding makes the harness feel like it’s part of your body

The Ride Engine Prime comes in:

XS / S / M / L / XL


The team here at 514 have given our Kitesports products a suitability rating for each kitesurfing level.


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