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NP Bomb

NP The Bomb

NP The Bomb

FROM: £186.37£150.00

The Bomb harness comes complete with the NP S1 Kite EZ spready bar and pad.



The NP Bomb Waist Harness is multi-use harness designed for keeping you on the water for longer and with more comfort than ever before. These longer sessions are possible due to the high levels of comfort and lumbar support which work to provide excellent stability – this has made the NP Bomb Waist Harness something of a legend all at great price point.

  • 360 Powerstrap – Waist strap made from highly elasticised fabric that adapts to body shape providing additional core support.
  • Back Base support system – An ergonomically designed PE board insert and built-in lumbar support offer optimal comfort, stability and protection.
  • Soft neoprene edges – Neoprene padded edges allow for greater comfort in all conditions, especially during freestyle.
  • Contoured EVA Inner – Used on the inside of harnesses for impact and vibration resistance with very low water absorption. The unique embossed pattern is designed to perfectly fit the core while preventing the harness from riding up or twisting.
  • Anti-chafe seams – Hidden stitches on the inner back and hip area to avoid chaffing.
  • Alternative Dual Safety Line Attachment Rings – Located on both sides of the harness providing an altenative point of connection to the leash.
  • Safety Leash Attachment – Heavy-duty woven material frontal leash connection for easy access and release.
  • Detachable Handle Pass Line – Easy to remove or replace.
  • Tie Down Straps – Tie the pad down and prevent it from rising up.
  • Replaceable Straps – All straps can be replaced in case they wear out.