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Land Kite Kids Club

Land Kite Kids Club


Land Kite Kids is a fantastic choice for those wanting to start learning kitesports. The sessions are designed to take you from raw beginner to an advanced rider who will be competent to continue land kiting own their own. Learn to fly a power kite, kite buggy, or even fly up and down the beach on a landboard.

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This is the cousin of Kitesurfing, based entirely on dry land, using a buggy or landboard.

This is the cousin of Kitesurfing, based entirely on dry land. The beginning of the session is spent getting to grips with the kites and learning just how much power they posses! Once you are confident with the kite we add the wheels and the fun really begins. We have a selection of Land Boards and Buggies and the aim is to get you cruising on both in a controlled and safe manner.

The start of this course covers: Site Assessment, Wind conditions and Wind Effects, Set up, Assisted Pack Down, Use of a Safety System, Self Rescue (Landing Alone), Basic Flying Techniques, Power Stroke. This will ensure your kite flying skills are up to scratch before we continue on to: Introduction to Kite Buggying, Introduction to Land Boarding, First Rides, Turning, working towards Riding Upwind, becoming Independent and even as far as technical tricks for those who wish!

  •  The Perfect Intro to Land Kitesports!
  •  Accessible fun for the groms after school!
  •  2 Hours
  •  6 Students : 1 Instructor
  •  All Equipment Provided


    Booking In with 514Elemental

    We have made all of our lessons available to purchase online either as a gift voucher for a friend or family member or even for yourself if you prefer the online process. Following a purchase of a voucher the holder can give the team a call or drop us an email and they will be able to get a date and time selected for their lesson or course!