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Kids Essential Kitesurfing

Kids Essential Kitesurfing

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Whether you’re new to the Kite world or you’re a seasoned land kite kid, the kids essential course is the next step in learning to Kitesurf. This course takes the wannabe rippers out there through the raw basics to the stage where they will be working on becoming independent kitesurfers, ready to attend our water kite kids sessions.



Kitesurfing has been the fastest growing watersport for the past 5 years, and there is a reason why!

Becoming easier and safer to learn with every passing year, now is the perfect time to learn to kitesurf. Using the power of the wind to propel yourself across the surface of the water, carving through the waves and jumping into the sky is what draws people again and again to the beach. One of the main draws of kitesurfing is that though it is one sport, it contains many disciplines within. From free riding all the way to advanced wave riding or wake style freestyle, Kitesurfing has many elements. One of the fastest growing aspects is the racing. Racing events are run in the same format to Olympic Sailing.

This “Essential Kitesurfing Course” covers everything you need to know from never flying a kite to starting to work on becoming an independent Kitesurfer. Involving 4 sessions (1+2 / The Intro) and 2 additional water sessions. The first session of this course is land based and covers: Site Assessment, Wind conditions and Wind Effects, Set up, Assisted Pack Down, Use of a Safety System, Self Rescue (Landing Alone), Basic Flying Techniques, Power Stroke, LEI Set up, LEI Safety and Self Rescue Techniques. The second session will see you out in the water clipped into a full size Kitesurfing kite, learning the basics of LEI kite control, Body Dragging (blasting through the water on your belly!) and practicing the Self rescue process. The following two board lessons will be spent recapping and learning additional bodydrags, practising assisted launching / landing techniques, first board starts and fingers crossed first rides. You will leave proficient at flying an LEI kite, moving towards becoming an independent Kiteboarder!

  •  8 HOURS
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