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Intermediate / Advanced Coaching

Intermediate / Advanced Coaching

FROM: £120.00

All coaching will resume at Easter for the 2021 season. All advanced coaching is only available as private sessions or for single household groups.



Intermediate / Advanced coaching with 514’s BKSA National Coaches. We are certified in Freestyle, Wave and Foil coaching.

Becoming easier and safer to learn with every passing year, now is the perfect time to learn to kitesurf. Using the power of the wind to propel yourself across the surface of the water, carving through the waves and jumping into the sky is what draws people again and again to the beach. One of the main draws of kitesurfing is that though it is one sport, it contains many disciplines within. From free riding all the way to advanced wave riding or wake style freestyle, Kitesurfing has many elements. One of the fastest growing aspects is the racing. Racing events are run in the same format to Olympic Sailing.

With a team of highly experienced Kiteboarders we are proud to offer advanced coaching sessions.

Both Robin and Sukie are BKSA National Coaches.

With 21 Years of Kiting under his belt, Robin has an extensive competition history in the UK (He’s now the Head Judge), Robin has recently worked on the Kite4Gold Programme with the RYA / BKSA as well as coaching and judging across the world.

Sukie also has over 20 years of kiting experience. Holds so many UK competition titles the trophy cabinet is overflowing i.e 2017 Ladies Professional Champion, has coached former UK Champions, coached across the world and has also delved into the world of judging.

Team 514 have had great success with their advanced coaching, with the Aura Kite Camp and also their 514 Kite Kids Team: Which have held all 3 Junior Titles in the UK and many podium places including Madie Evans’ PRO Womens 2nd Place 2019 (@13yo). Some of the team have gone on to become part of the Under 18’s British Sailing Team (Kite Foil Racing).

  •  2+ HOURS
  •  MINIMUM RIDING LEVEL: BKSA LV2 (Independent at Rigging, Self Rescue and Prolonged Rides)
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    We have made all of our lessons available to purchase online either as a gift voucher for a friend or family member or even for yourself if you prefer the online process. Following a purchase of a voucher the holder can give the team a call or drop us an email and they will be able to get a date and time selected for their lesson or course!