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Kite Kids Online

Kite Kids Online
11 May 2020 514 Elemental
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As we go through this period of no kiting, it was important for us to maintain a team feel for our Kite Kids Team and also thought it was the perfect opportunity for them to learn a little more to the whys and hows of our sport.

Team Rider Jas Wallis fills us in on the sessions:


Robin and Sukie, coaches of 514 Elemental, have put together a series of sessions for the 514 Kite Kids to keep us all in contact and to learn about the advanced and more in depth qualities of kitesurfing.

We have sessions every Monday and Thursday afternoons at 5pm.

Robin and Sukie usually lead one of those sessions taking it in turns to teach us the content that is useful to know as a kitesurfer. So far we have learnt about weather systems, tides, wind effects, how a kite flies, how line lengths effect kites and more. We do a new topic every session and always recap what we have learnt previously to test our knowledge.

Our homework has covers things such as finding the wind effects at our dream kite location and also doing the washing up and laying the table for dinner

Recently, it was more than bookwork as Sukie gave each of us the task to lead a 5 minute work out and had completed a full 30 minute workout by the end of the session.

This is a good opportunity to get into grips with this now because in the future we can then use this knowledge to travel and kitesurf around the world.