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Kite Kids


Here at 514elemental we know just how much stoke kitesports can give to the groms out there. So, we wanted to make sure we offered specialist kids kitesurfing and landsite lessons. Secondly, we wanted to offer a cheap way for kids to continue learning through our club.

With both of the schools founders starting at early ages they have reaped the benefits and enjoyment kitesports can offer. We have made the Kite Kids Programme to help make it more accessible to learn kitesports and to ensure there is a way for the rippers out there to continue learning and enjoying our fantastic sport.


Our three options for getting into kitesports as a grom and ways to continue your learning.

  • Kids Essential Kitesurfing Course - 514Elemental
    FROM: £385.00

    Kids Essential Kitesurfing

    Whether you're new to the Kite world or you're a seasoned land kite kid, the kids essential course is the next step in learning to Kitesurf. This course takes the wannabe rippers out there through the raw basics to the stage where they will be working on becoming independent kitesurfers, ready to attend our water kite kids sessions.
    FROM: £385.00
    FROM: £385.00
  • Land Kite Kids Club - Afterschool Fun!
    Land Kite Kids Club - Power Kiting

    Land Kite Kids Club

    Land Kite Kids is a fantastic choice for those wanting to start learning kitesports. The sessions are designed to take you from raw beginner to an advanced rider who will be competent to continue land kiting own their own. Learn to fly a power kite, kite buggy, or even fly up and down the beach on a landboard. Please contact the team for 2020 Kite Kids Club dates and times.
  • Water Kite Kids Club
    Advanced Kitesurf Coaching - BKSA Freestyle Coaches

    Water Kite Kids Club

    Our Water Kite Kids Club is the best way for young budding kitesurfers to not only hang out and ride with their new mates in a safe and controlled environment but a fantastic way for them to be coached through their next elements in kitesurfing. Wether it's new tricks, racing or just becoming even more independent on the water. Please contact the 514 team for 2020 Water Kite Kids Club dates and times.


We have an awesome team of groms who are pushing their limits in Kitesports, here’s what they get up too and how you can become a 514 Kite Kids Team Rider.

As 514Elemental has grown we are so proud to have been able to keep up and continue to achieve our goals, here’s a couple of our favourites.

Starting our Kite Kids club was one of our main goals when opening 514Elemental. We couldn’t be prouder to have seen them try kiting for the first time with us to now having an expanded team of our Kite Kids representing us and having a blast at the national series. Amazing results from them all last year with 3 taking Championship titles.

In 2019, Madie blew us all away by taking a second place overall for the season in the British Kitesurfing Championships Pro Ladies Division at just 13! So a huge congratulations goes out to her, all her hard work, face slams and time spent practising paid off! We look forward to continue coaching Madie and we are excited to see where she takes her kitesurfing!

In May 2018, one of our team Jasmine was asked to join Team GB’s Youth Sailing Squad. Jasmine, headed to the World Olympic Games Qualifiers in China. Jasmine has since been practicing with the Youth Kite Squad (sometimes coached by Robin). She is now advancing her skills from twin tip racing onto kite foil racing! Awesome! We wish Jasmine all the best with her future in racing!

Ride Together

Learn together, ride together, become friends with each other. Our Kite Kids programme isn’t just about teaching kitesurfing. It’s a way to promote a healthy, fun lifestyle for the aspiring groms out there.

Kids Equipment

Having dedicated kids equipment is paramount for any school wanting to create a safe and progressive learning environment for children. Since we both started as kids we know the score!

Parents / Guardians Required

All under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult. We strongly advise parents / guardians to listen in on all training. You can then ensure your grom/s have a safe helping hand while kiting without our team.

Our Amazing Team.