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Kite Kids 2020

Kite Kids 2020
21 February 2020 514 Elemental
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K I T E  K I D S  2 0 2 0 

Our Kite Kids program is back once again for 2020 with 4 different options for the aspiring young kiter.
Our youth program is in place for kiters under 18 years, and we welcome both local children, and those who are visiting on holiday.


As usual, our land club is where most our kiters start, learning how to fly power kites, read the wind, cruise in a buggy and slide on a landboard. These sessions are 2 hours long, running every other Thursday evening from April – October. We welcome anyone under 18, and their parent/guardian, to come along and see if kiting is for them.



K I D S  E S S E N T I A L  C O U R S E

Based on our normal Essential Course, the kids course has been customised to suit younger riders with shorter attention spans. 4 x 2 hour sessions over times and days to suit you, this course bridges the gap between our land and water clubs and gets you safe to continue practising kitesurfing independently




Our club session for those independent young kitesurfers who wish to improve their skills whilst riding with friends. This session focusses on tricks and more advanced skills. Any kiter under 18 who is able to practise independently is welcome to join either for the season or 1 off sessions. Every other Friday evening April – October.



T E A M 5 1 4

Our team of kiters all have a passion for kiting which sets them apart. Focussing on individual projects, we meet up once a month for a training session which focusses not only on improving riding skills, but also setting goals, community projects, competition planning and more.
Anyone who wishes to join can send an application with letter explaining why you would like to be involved to: