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End Of Season

End Of Season
17 November 2019 514 Elemental
In Lessons

A record number of windy days led us to be able to create a record number of new kiters, and help even more advanced riders perfect their goals.

The spring was mild and windy and once summer hit we didn’t seem to mind the rain so great were the conditions.

Sukie achieved her National Coach status in May time, and joined Robin a one of only 16 recognised coaches.

A few storms passed through during August which allowed the team to head out for some serious boosting sessions. Too windy to teach, they are perfect for the more experienced riders. Co-founder Robin especially is a highly talented big air rider and certainly a reason to head to the beach on these stormy days to watch him in action.

Our team of kite kids, as usual, did us proud with all their kitesurfing achievements throughout the year, and our Kite Kids clubs once again provided hours of fun for local kids to get involved and progress from powerkiting all the way through to competitive kitesurfing. Our youngest kite kid this year in particular, Samson, aged only 6 showed us that age or more importantly, youth, is no barrier to kite sports.

The Autumn has been somewhat frustrating with days and days of southerly and easterly winds which dont work at Westward Ho!, however those days when the westerlies have come in have more than made up for it.

Though lessons are finished for winter, we are still available on the phone or email for help and advice, and of course our shop is running 24/7 for any products you may need.