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Covid 19 & Kitesurfing

Covid-19 and Kitesurfing
22 March 2020 514 Elemental
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Stay Home Save Lives

We have taken the devestating yet easy decision to keep the kite school closed until further notice. The online store is still open.

The well being and safety of our staff, students and local community are paramount and we cannot encourage people to travel to us at this time.

For those with lessons booked, we will contact you over the next couple of days to make arrangements for either postponement, or refund if preferred.

We are a tiny business and this will have a mammoth impact, however it is the right thing to do in the current situation.

As always we are on the end of the phone or available via email for any advice with anything kite related, and we are still operating the shop for any vouchers or gear you may wish to purchase. Vouchers now come with 2 year validity.

On that note, we would advise kiters to refrain from kitesurfing at these times. As much as we would love our daily exercise to be kitesurfing, it’s the right thing to do. The emergency services are under pressure, its hard to totally self distance kitesurfing unless self launching (which isn’t always the safest).

See you all on the other side where we will back teaching + coaching 7 days a week to get you all out ripping.

The store is still open so get in touch or order online if you need some spares for maintenance or some new toys for when this is all over!

Robin, Sukie and the rest of team 514