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BKC 2019 – Round 2 Skegness

BKC 2019 – Round 2 Skegness
14 August 2019 514 Elemental
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Skegness provided the best wind so far on the British Kitesurfing Championships Tour 2019, with results in all 6 categories. Friday night provided a great warm up session, and everyone was amped for the weekend ahead.


The competition started on Saturday where the Juniors, Amateur Women and Amateur Men competed in the lighter sea breeze conditions. Among these riders where 514 team riders Jasmine Wallis competing in the Amateur Women and Archie Budd who was competing in the Juniors (under 16’s).


The heats went well with Jasmine winning all of her heats and going straight into the final. The final was black flagged at the end of the day and was therefor postponed to the Sunday along with the Amateur Mens final. Archie competed against other competitors who were 6 years older than him but put on a good show and completed all of his closely contended heats placing him just shy of a podium in 4th.


Sunday was forecasted to have slightly more wind than Saturday so was looking good for the Amateur categories. Jasmine Wallis, Francesca Miani and Sharon Prior took to the water the Amateur Women’s final which was closely contested and Jasmine managed to come in a very respectable 2nd place.


After the amateur finals Skegness gave the Youth and Pro categories perfect 12m conditions. 514 team riders Toby Cooke, Alex Wallis and Adam Farrington competed in the Youths, and Madie Evans made her debut in the Professional Womens category.


In the Youths, the competition was fought all the way with our 3 boys coming up against each other time and time again. Toby was throwing impressive blind landings (2 of which resulted in ripped kites but we wont mention that…), Alex landed his first ever passes in competition, and Adam was on fire putting a surface pass after every trick with some big loops inbetween. In the end the final was between Alex, Adam and Ben Daffin, this was probably one of the best finals because people were landing big tricks and equally crashing hard the results were 3rd Ben Daffin 2nd Alex Wallis 1stAdam Farrington


At the same time the Pro heats were running with Madie busting out all her best moves as she worked her way up the ladder. The entire beach cheered with her when she was announced the winner of the semis and headed into her first Pro final against 2018 Champion Rachael Hooper and seasoned competitor Holly Keenan. Madie had nothing to lose and landed a solid heat even throwing in a massive back loop kite loop which secured her 2nd place for the event.


A massive thank you to all our sponsors and supporters for always believing in us.
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Well done everyone and good luck in Ramsgate !!!






1st Holly Keenan

2nd Maddie Evans (514 KITEKIDS)

3rd Rachel Hooper



1st Francesca Miani

2nd Jasmine Wallis (514 KITEKIDS)

3rd Sharon Prior



1st Adam Farrington (514 KITEKIDS)

2nd Alex Wallis (514 KITEKIDS)

3rd Ben Daffin



1st Matia Miani

2nd Adam Farrington (514 KITEKIDS)

3rd Francesca Miani