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Power Kiting - What is Power Kiting?


Power Kiting is the key fundermental part of all Kitesports. Using a variety of forms on canopy, the user can select a control system to suit. Besides the sports mentioned below Power Kites can be used to have alot of fun on the beach. Skidding along the sand, performing jumps, jumping off sand dunes or if you prefer it just relaxing and flying it in a formation around the sky that you enjoy.


Kitesurfing has been one of the fastest growing kitesports for the past 5 years, and there is a reason why. Becoming easier and safer to learn with every passing year, now is the perfect time to learn to kitesurf. Using the power of the wind to propel yourself across the surface of the water, carving through the waves and jumping into the sky is what draws people again and again to the beach. One of the main draws of kitesurfing is that though it is one sport, it contains many disciplines within. From free riding all the way to advanced wave riding or wake style freestyle, Kitesurfing has many elements. One of the fastest growing aspects is the racing. Racing events are run in the same format to Olympic Sailing.

Kitesurfing - What is Kitesurfing?
Kite Buggy - What is Kite Buggying?


Buggying has been around infact for thousands of years, albeit it a slightly different form than it is today! A 3 wheeled contraption, today buggies are used to zoom up and down the beach, with your bottom just inches from the sand. The speeds reached in these buggies is incredible. Not only that, the recent few years has seen the emergence of ‘Freestyle Kite Buggying’. Sound crazy? well actually yes it is! These people will jump and loop their buggies meters in the sky. But don’t worry, these people have been training for years to do these stunts. That said, learning to ride a buggy takes only a day, and by the end being able to ride a set course is accessible to most.


Kite land boarding is the dry land cousin of Kitesurfing. Using a 4 wheel Mountain Board, you can carve and slash the sand or grass just as you would the water. Though occasionally used for speed runs, land boarding tends to head in to the freestyle side of things. Learning small jumps and transitions is easy after a few sessions, though those first few runs can be a bit harder to pick up than buggying! One of the top land kitesports in our eyes!

Kite Landboarding - What is Kite Landboarding?
Snowkiting - What is Snowkiting?


Snowkiting is exactly how it sounds, kiting on the snow! You can use either Skis or a Snowboard. You then use either a water based kite or a foil type kite to propel yourself across the snow. This makes for great Snowkiting touring possibilities, gliding off hills and just great fun riding on fresh power. Use the kite to pull you up, pack it down into your backpack and ski or board down. Dreamy!