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Hello, We are 514Elemental Kitesurfing and Land Kite School.
Established 2013 – Westward Ho!


When opening 514Elemental Kitesurfing and Land Kite School we wanted to work on a few key targets. Provide the highest quality Kitesports tuition, Make well educated and safe kiters, Introduce more Youth into the sport, Only teach in suitable conditions, Use 100% suitable and safe equipment, Build a team help us share the stoke of Kiteboarding across the world.


As well as being a Recognised BKSA School, our team is made up of instructors and coaches holding some of the highest certification in the country.


The schools team hold current Britsh Championship titles, Ex-British Championship titles, Multiple podium finishes and have coached many of todays Championship leaders as well as the Team GB Olympic Squad.


At 514Elemental we use a selection of modern equipment for all of your kitesurfing and land kite sport lessons. So don’t fear, its all safe and the most efficient equipment you could possibly be learning on.


There’s nothing worse than trying to fly a kite in no wind right? We all did that as kids. We book all our lessons in advance and confirm weather suitability the night before to avoid unnecessary travel. Good conditions will maximise your learning.


Westward Ho! is an incredibly safe beach for kitesurfing. At 1.5miles long and up too 800m across, you have plenty of space on the water and your never learning infant of any hazards. The beach is so clean you won’t even need wetsuit booties to avoid a plaster!


The 514Elemental team are so stoked with Kitesurfing that they have no worries about passing some of this on to you! The team loves every aspect of Kitesports and can’t wait to get you out enjoying the sport like we do!

514Elemental Team at BKC Ramsgate 2018. 4 New British Champions!

As 514Elemental Kitesurfing and Land Kite School has grown we are so proud to have been able to keep up and continue to achieve our goals, here’s a couple of our favourites.

Starting our Kite Kids club was one of our main goals when opening 514Elemental. We couldn’t be prouder to have seen them try kiting for the first time with us to now having an expanded team of our Kite Kids representing us and having a blast at the national series. Amazing results from them all last year with 3 taking Championship titles.

In 2018, Sukie headed our first Aura Kite Camp. Which is a womens only advanced kitesurfing camp. We had a fantastic time with on the water and off the water coaching, equipment demos and some fantastic prizes from our sponsors (A board was one!). Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

514 have been out on the water getting you all up and riding over the past 6 years. We’ve had a blast, one thing we didn’t forget was to get enough water time in ourselves. The team have achieved so much. Seeing Sukie crowned 2017 Womens Champion, Robin 2018 Masters Champion, Sukie 2018 Ladies Wave Champion, Robin 2017 Am Wave Champion.

  • Robin is a great, patient teacher and he needed to be! He helped me to progress from flying a power kite (who knew kites came without tails??) to flying a surf kite. Coaching me through controlling gradually larger kites so I became confident with one and two handed control of the kite whilst body surfing up and down the beach through the waves. Next time I go I'm looking forward to getting up on the board. Highly, highly, highly recommend to anyone of a certain age who wants to regain the feeling of childish freedom... Wheeeeee!!!!!
    GillianKitesurfing Introduction + Session 3
  • Had two days kite surfing lessons with suki, and can't praise her enough, i learnt more in them two days than i thought i ever could, i will be returning next year and will carry on where i left of hopefully, and would like to add .. many thanks
    StuartEssential Kitesurfing Course
  • Had a lesson with them today, absolutely amazing Sukie was an amazing instructor, super enthusiastic throughout can’t wait to get with them again
    AndyKitesurfing Introduction
  • I took the family down for a power kite session and it was great fun for all of us. The kids were loving life on small colourful kites while we felt the power of the larger kites!! Looking forward to trying kitesurfing next!
    AliPower Hour
  • Did the 3 hour introduction today, good and thorough but relaxed instruction. Good kit and we had a good amount of time in the buggy. Thoroughly enjoyed the course, just need more experience with a kite! Loved it
    KeiranLand Kitesports
  • These guys are the best. Got both my kids kitesurfing through under 18 club last year. Back again for advanced this year. Expert tuition , all latest kit , great tips both on and off the water. Always a good session with these in the water
    IanKite Kids
  • Expert, friendly, patient tuition and great value for money. Love you guys. Thankyou for helping me achieve a dream.
    NikkiPrivate Kitesurfing
  • Sukie has been motivating and inspiring my sisters and I for several years.Her enthusiasm is utterly contagious, and in her presence I am often inspired to throw tricks that I wouldn'™t otherwise have tried. Sukie is great at making sure you are reaching your full potential on the water, always thinking of the next things you should be trying. Snuggs is excellent at explaining tricks, he has a great ability to break things down. I particularly remember the afternoon he spent teaching me how to kite loop in strong winds, despite the slightly hectic conditions he gave me the confidence to go for it, whilst still feeling safe. Snuggs and Sukie together are the dream team. Spending time with them on the Kiteboard Tour Asia last year was a pleasure, between them, they have so much wisdom to share“ it™s insane!!
    Polly CrathorneWomens 2012 British Champion
  • Well my partner and I had the most amazing time at an hour long power kiting lesson with Suki. I was a bit nervous to begin with, but I was allowed to progress at my own pace with plenty of encouragement. But Jeff my partner was able to also move at his faster more confident pace. Both our needs were met and we will definately be back for further lessons and hopefully fun with buggies. Thank you Suki for an amazing introduction to the sport. We are Hooked.
    SamPower Hour
514 Team Board - Grey

At 514 we are super lucky to have an amazing team, of both coaches and riders. With over 60+ years of experience within the coaching team, multiple competition titles and achievements.

Our Amazing Team.

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