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2021 Season Underway

2021 Season Underway
22 April 2021 514 Elemental
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We are now well underway in the 2021 season!

After winter came and went in record time, we reopened our doors on Friday 2nd April for a weekend of bitter cold temperatures and great wind. The rest of the easter break had some brilliant sunny and windy sessions, and as we head into the tail end of spring the wind has gone for its annual easterly blast which is perfect for some landboard and buggy action before hopefully coming back in from the west imminently.

We are back teaching private and groups all of our courses, as well as restarting with our Kite Kids program for both land and water in May.

To book in or enquire about any courses, lessons or clubs please give us a call or send an email

The shop is well stocked so again please do give us a buzz if you are after any new gear this season

Peace and good winds