Emphasis on the act that Kitesurfing, Power Kiting, Kite Landboarding and Kite Buggying are not just sports is something we feel strong about at 514Elemental. You will quickly discover that Kitesports will soon become a lifestyle for you. From the way you now view the weather to your new kiting friends, some of us will even completely change our views, you may wish to give back the gift of Kitesports by training others or even just get out of the corporate system and go chase your dreams on the beach.


Enjoying Kitesports on other beaches in North Devon.

Westward Ho! is for us our favourite beach for Kitesports mainly due to the ability to be able to perform Kitesurfing as well as all Land Based Kitesports. The Waves here are slightly smaller and crumble more than that of Saunton and Woolacombe giving Kitesurfers an easier ride. The beach is hard compact which is perfect for Buggying and Landboarding.

Although teaching is strictly forbidden for all Kitesports and Land Based Kitesports are banned at Saunton Sands, Kitesurfing is permitted and the conditions there are great. With very large flat sections and peeling waves Saunton usually has a large amount of Kitesurfers out on wave boards and freeriding.

Woolacombe boasts another very large beach for Kitesurfing. Again teaching here is stictly prohibited and for Land Based Kitesports the beach is far to busy with tourists. However the Kitesurfing here is brilliant, with so much space and similar conditions to Westward Ho! and Saunton Sands your bound to have a great session.


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