Here at 514Elemental our focus is on providing the highest quality Kitesports lessons out there. We are a BKSA recognised school. All our lessons take place on Westward Ho!'s blue flag beach. We will only hold lessons when conditions are adequate. All equipment is provided and of the highest quality, please see our equipment page. Our team consists of professional kitesurfers who have over 36 years of experience collectively. They are BKSA qualified to the highest level.
All our kitesurfing and kitesport courses and lessons are availible to buy as vouchers, please just get in touch with the 514 team.
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BBT Radio Helmet Kitesurfing Courses and Lessons in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK


   Equipment: All provided   

Here at 514Elemental Kitesports School we use BBTalking Radio Helmets on all our water based Kitesurfing Lessons. BB Talking Radio Helmets are the best radio helmets on the market and allow you, your classmates and coach to communicate continuously while learning. No waiting for tips when you ride off down the beach, continuous tips and safety updates on the go and you can enjoy the positive cheers from your coach and classmates from afar.

Land Based Kitesports

Accessible, Exhilarating and the ultimate group activity

Power Hour Powerkite Course in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK



   Tuition Time: 1 Hour       Students:Instructor 6:1       Equipment: All provided   

The first step to learning all Kitesports; the "POWER HOUR" course. Covering basic Powerkite flying, theory and of course safety! This lesson is a great activity for all ages, fun with the family or laugh on the beach with your mates. You will leave proficient at flying Powerkites enabling you to carry on the fun!



   Tuition Time: 3 Hours       Students:Instructor 6:1       Equipment: All provided   

This is the cousin of Kitesurfing, based entirely on dry land. The beginning of the session is spent getting to grips with the kites and learning just how much power they posses! Once you are confident with the kite we add the wheels and the fun really begins. We have a selection of Land Boards and Buggies and the aim is to get you cruising on both in a controlled and safe manner. By the end of the session you should be entirely self sufficient and have all the knowledge to purchase your own equipment.

3 Hour Land Based Kitesport Course in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK


The ultimate watersport



We want you to learn in the best way possible. We offer individual kitesurfing lessons or courses which are composed of multiple lessons. Want the whole shabang, go for a course, want to recap or focus on a certain area go for an individual lesson. Please look at the breakdown below. Session One has a ratio of 4 students to 1 instructor, and once in the water we take this down to 2 students : 1 instructor to maximise your learning potential.

Introduction Course


   Tuition Time: 6 Hours       Students:Instructor 2-4:1       Equipment: All provided   

The Introduction course combines Sessions One and Two into an awesome day of kiting. 6 full hours will get you from complete beginner to controlling a full sized kitesurf kite as it pulls you through the water. You will have all the safety knowledge needed if something where to go wrong, and the skills to set up and pack down a kite on your own.

   Consists of: Session One + Two   

Introduction Kitesurfing Course in Westward Ho! North Devon South West UK
Essential Kitesurfing Course in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK

Essential Course


   Tuition Time: 12 Hours       Students:Instructor 2-4:1       Equipment: All provided   

The Essentials course is made up of all four individual sessions to get you out onto your board and continuing on your own. Best split over a couple of days, this course will give you all the skills you need to be an independant kitesurfer.

   Consists of: Session One + Two + Three + Four   

Ultimate Course


   Tuition Time: 15+ Hours       Students:Instructor 1-4:1       Equipment: All provided   

The Ultimate Course is just that. Following Sessions one to four you will have either 3 hours additional private tuition to really cement your skills, or 4 hours of supervised hire to the watchful eye of one of our coaches again to iron out any factors you may be unsure of. You will leave this course a kitesurfer who has the knowledge and skills to go it on their own with confidence.

   Consists of: Session One + Two + Three + Four + either 4 Hours Hire or 3 Hours Private tuition   

Ultimate kitesurfing course in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK
Session One - Kitesurfing lesson in Westward Ho! North Devon South West UK.



   Tuition Time: 3 Hours       Students:Instructor 4:1       Equipment: All provided   

Session One is the first step in learning to Kitesurf for all newbies. You will start off on the land learning to fly and control Power Kites. You will then learn how to set-up and use the safety systems of an LEI kite. Completing the session with some basic LEI kite control.



   Tuition Time: 3 Hours       Students:Instructor 2:1       Equipment: All provided   

Session Two sees you kit up and head into the water putting into practise the LEI flying learnt in your first session. Using a more powerful kite, you will perfect 'bodydragging' through the water; using the kite to control your speed and direction as you skim across the ocean on your belly. You will also perform a 'self-rescue' in the water to ensure you can always return safely to shore.

Session Two - Kitesurfing lesson in Westward Ho! North Devon South West UK
Session 3 Kitesurfing Course in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK

Session Three


   Tuition Time: 3 Hours       Students:Instructor 2:1       Equipment: All provided   

Session Three is where the fun really begins with the addition of the board. After a quick recap and confirmation of your bodydragging skills, you learn how to handle the board in the water, using it to assist you in bodydrags and then getting it on your feet for those exhilirating board starts.

Session Four


   Tuition Time: 3 Hours       Students:Instructor 2:1       Equipment: All provided   

Session Four brings all your skills together to hone those kite and board techniques and get you cruising accross the water. Here we focus on more controlled riding skills with stopping, turning and upwind riding being elements to work towards.

Session 4 Kitesurfing lesson in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK
Private / Advanced Kitesurfing and Kitesport Lessons in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK


£60 PH

   Tuition Time: Min 2Hrs       Students:Instructor 1:1       Equipment: All provided   

If you're looking for the fast track or a chilled tailored lesson, we offer private 1-2-1 beginner lessons. These can be completely tailored to suit your current abilities, whether this be a complete newbie anywhere onto looking to master upwind riding.


£35-70 PH

   Tuition Time: Min 2Hrs       Students:Instructor Up to 4:1       Equipment: All provided   

Private / group coaching sessions are avaliable if you and / or your kite buddies are looking to take your riding up a notch. Whether you're looking to learn your first turn, a double sbend 3, megaloops or even learn competition / advanced rescue skills we have instructors that can break down the stages and deliver a training package to get you perfecting your goals.

Coaching / Advanced Kitesurfing and Kitesport Lessons in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK
Kitesurfing Lessons and Hire - Supervised Hire and Practise in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK

Supervised hire


   Equipment: All provided   

We've all arrived at the beach and forgotten a valuable part of kit or been left without the kite size needed, no panic. We provide supervised hire of our equipment. All hire is supervised by our instructors on the beach, enabling you to recieve a couple of tips as well as peace of mind that someone is keeping an eye out for you at all times.

Under 18's Kite Club | Kitesport / Kitesurfing Club in Westward Ho! North Devon - South West UK

Under 18's Kite Club


   Tuition Time: 2 Hours       Students:Instructor 2-6:1       Equipment: All provided   

Our Kite Kids program is back again. 3 differnt groups for 3 differnt levels and activities on differnt nights. Some of these groms have even gone on to compete on the National Kitesurfing Tour!


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